When Your Gender and Race Dictate Your Employment Fate

A former track coach is suing the University of Texas, alleging race and gender discrimination.  Coach Bev Kearney was forced to resign after university officials learned that she had a romantic relationship with one of her athletes more than a decade earlier.  Kearney’s lawsuit alleges that she, a black female employee, was treated worse than her Caucasian male peers – one of whom not only had a relationship with one of his athletes but who also received continued employment and promotions following the disclosure of that relationship. 

Despite being one of the top track trainers in the country at the time, Kearney was pushed out while other alleged transgressors were retained and promoted.  The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled that Kearney’s case could continue on.  For more information, please read the article:


If you have been the victim of disparate treatment based on race or gender, you have rights.  It is important to contact an employment attorney at your earliest convenience as many of your claims may contain statutes of limitations.