A non-compete agreement is an employment contract used by employers to limit their employees' ability to compete against them, including preventing former employees from using an employers' trade secrets. Since a non-compete agreement is a contract, it is governed by the same laws as other contracts. This means that both parties must give and receive something of value to have a valid agreement.

In Washington State, non-compete agreements are valid if the terms are both reasonable and necessary to protect information pertaining to the operation of an employer's business. The factors that are considered when determining the reasonableness of a non-compete agreement include the restrictions placed on time, geography, the former employee's activities, and the effect on the general public.

The decision whether to enter into a non-compete is personal and involves many considerations. At MBE Law Group, our employment attorneys are here to explain all of your options to you and advise you of any adverse consequences to executing your non-compete. We are also able to provide negotiation services and assist you in obtaining the most favorable agreement possible.