Hear what our clients say

I felt scared, alone, and helpless after I lost my job. By luck, I came across David and Margaret. After experiencing something I consider to be tragic (losing my job), the lawyers made me feel like I had support and that somebody was willing to stand up for me. I feel so fortunate to have the attorneys we had. I would overwhelmingly recommend them to anyone. You will get attorneys that will fight their hearts out for you, are passionate about law, and fight with integrity!
— Meghann K.
Lisa has provided outstanding employment representation during a time when I was in need of a fierce advocate. She is professional, very knowledgeable, and pleasant to deal with. Most of the attorneys I contacted wouldn’t even return my calls. Lisa clearly went through my options, rights, and after deciding on a course of action, passionately fought on my behalf. I’m very pleased with my results and I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone.
— Jared
I worked for a company for 7 years and got treated horrible. I got Margaret’s number from a friend and it was the best thing that could happen to me. She is an amazing attorney. She will fight for what’s right and was always there for me. Not only did I get what I deserved I gained a life long friend in her. I definitely recommend her to anyone that needs her help. I wish you all the best!! Go with Margaret!!!!!
— Lakita M.
We’re real estate developers in the Greater Seattle Area. David represented us in a lawsuit, and we found him to be compassionate, considerate, very professional, and impeccably prepared. He also took great care in preparing us on all the possible questions that opposing counsel might ask in a courtroom setting. When we did get to court, there were no surprises. I believe that to be a major contribution to our victory. We highly recommend him.
— O.T. Harper
Margaret is composed in the courtroom, with the ability to be aggressive with opposing counsel while gaining the respect of her legal peers. She invested the time to understand the company’s business and the unique circumstances of the case, which was invaluable in winning at trial.
— Sung K.
Lisa Burke represented me in a pregnancy discrimination case. Lisa was there for me during a very difficult time. I feel lucky to have had an attorney that actually cared about me and understood how difficult my situation was. I cannot recommend Lisa enough. She will aggressively advocate for you and do everything in her power to obtain the best result possible.
— Jennafer Alme
Lisa Burke is an amazing attorney. She was extremely dedicated to my case and worked tirelessly to help me obtain justice. Lisa would always keep me updated as soon as possible even if she was very busy with other cases, and also made me feel like my case was always her first priority. Lisa is personable, professional, caring and a go getter. More than anything she cares about you as a client, and to get you the best results she can. Lisa is not like most lawyers out there. At the end of the day, she wants what’s best for you, and is always there to have your back through your case, and even long afterwards! It’s nice to have someone like that in your corner. I definitely cannot recommend Lisa enough!
— Mike Oakeley
The first time I spoke with Lisa about my case she was extremely understanding, very personable and professional. I felt very comforted and trusting of her right away. I hired her and she worked hard and continued to the whole time. She was dedicated and kept me informed every step of the way about what was going on. She advised me according to what she thought was best for me and my situation and not just about her making money. She’s a real person and wants to help people who have been wronged get some sense of closure and justice. I truly appreciate her and would recommend her to friends and family.
— Anonymous
Lisa was so easy to work with - kept me informed every step of the way, answered any questions I had promptly, explained all the details and was readily available. Glad Lisa was on my side
— Maddy Miller-McKay
As a new business owner, navigating my first lawsuit, David gave me a great sense of ease and confidence. Going forward, I value his partnership while I continue to grow my business.
— Ross B.
Lisa Burke has provided me with excellent guidance and genuine humanity during an on-going employment case. I appreciate her immediate response to all of my questions. She informs me about my case clearly and always makes sure that I fully understand where we are in the process and what it means to me. I feel like she is really working for me and my family and has our best interest at heart. Being part of a lawsuit is stressful. Ms. Burke’s confidence, strength, and intelligent planning during this process has been both inspiring and a comfort.
— Sara
To say that Lisa Burke is an excellent attorney would be an understatement. Lisa has represented me in two very complicated legal matters. On each occasion, Lisa has aggressively and zealously advocated for me. She helped me to navigate a complex legal landscape by listening to my questions and providing me with clear explanations and advice regarding my claims. Lisa obtained excellent results in both of my cases. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone needing employment representation or services. Simply put, Lisa is the best.
— Bailey
From the moment you speak with Lisa it becomes clear to you that your in the presence of an absolute winner. She’s confident, well spoken, quick witted and everything that you would hope for in an attorney. I can’t say enough about this woman other than you cannot go wrong by choosing to work with this outstanding individual. I am greatful that talented, energetic and outstanding attorneys like her are out there helping employees stand for their rights. Thank you for everything that you are, and everything that you stand for! You are appreciated more than you could ever even imagine!
— Lala
Lisa provided the utmost care and expertise when it came to handling my employment case. I was notified promptly of all developments throughout the legal process and was given superb advice while handling an emotionally difficult situation. I cannot imagine going through this charged process with a better or more qualified professional. If you need someone to advocate for you in an employment dispute Lisa is simply the best and I was lucky to have her in my corner.
— Anonymous
I had the good fortune of working with Margaret in a most unfortunate lawsuit involving my business. Margaret brings a tremendous amount of integrity to the legal profession. I can’t imagine having a better experience with an attorney.
— Erik G.