Booze and Pics for Perks: Seattle Tunnel Project

Almost anyone who lives in the Seattle area is aware of the Seattle tunnel project.  Recently, allegations of unprofessional and unsafe behaviors, and harassment on the project were reported to the WA State Dept of Transportation by a Seattle Tunnel Project (private contractor: STP) employee.  The allegations assert that the supervisors of a carpentry crew were hostile, discriminatory, and featured a quid pro quo system of needing to bring alcohol to the foreman in exchange for perks (better shifts, overtime, etc).  Furthermore, many employees would show up to work intoxicated, furthering the unsafe environment for the employees and the public.

Additionally, this employee reported episodes of sexual harassment, where a woman's supervisor solicited provocative photos via text messaging.  King 5 investigated the situation and found many people who corroborated the allegations.  Despite all of this, STP continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, the employee who brought the concern has since quit the company.  No one should ever feel that quitting is their only option.  If you feel you have worked or are working in unprofessional and unsafe environment, please contact us today!