Employee Alleges Employer Discriminated Aganst Her Based On Gender, Age, and Race

A 53-year-old Maple Valley woman has filed a lawsuit accusing Microsoft of gender, race and age discrimination.  The plaintiff, Nancy Williams, contends that the workplace environment at Microsoft was not supportive of women employees.  She similarly alleges she was subjected to discrimination and differential treatment, as well as a hostile work environment, based on her race (Hispanic) and age.

Discrimination and harassment can take many forms.  If you believe that you are being discriminated against for any reason, let alone multiple reasons, make your employer aware of the treatment. Ask your employer to provide a written report every time you report an incident of discrimination or harassment. Also, ask your employer to investigate your allegations and to discipline or correct the action against the offenders.  Employers are required by law to give prompt consideration to all reports of discrimination and harassment.